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The Operating System Site: Learn all about  Operating Systems, see theory part, Easy introduction to file systems, Links to all free Operating Systems.

Operating systems should be free software. Everyone should have free access to the source code.


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Windows clones: see W. If you're interested in theory, see T. This list contains actual and historical operating systems( denoted 'outdated'). Please be aware that the fluctuations are extremely high in the case of new/announced systems. So if a link points to nowhere, don't be upset. List is under permanent construction. If you feel something is missing, write! Actual systems are identified by active links. If you have any questions, remarks, objections concerning the contents, write! All statements concerning operating systems or functional parts thereof are to the best knowledge of the author. If you dissent, write! All serious mail accepted.Contact: Contact at

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This site also lives from your contributions! New systems, resources, newly formed teams, what ever is of relevance!




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All about OSs


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